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CONTACT: info@lifecykel.com
CONTACT: info@lifecykel.com

Wholesale Policy


Please login to the wholesale portal via the 'Login' tab, once logged in the correct prices will be displayed on the website.


Minimum Order

 Wholesalers: $350

Practitioners: $200

Distributors: $200



Please note if listing our products online, you are required to adhere to the RRP. Sales can run for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any breach of this clause will result in Life Cykel ceasing their supply partnership with the seller.

All iMAP and MAP pricing is the same as RRP as listed in our wholesale catalogue.



Orders over $350 include free shipping.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further details


Returns & Refunds

Return can be made up to 2 weeks after receiving goods.

Returns must be made in writing directly to wholesale@lifecykel.com within 14 days of delivery date quoting invoice number and reasons. No returns are acceptable without Life Cykel's prior approval and delivery instructions for transport.

In case orders go missing after shipment, we are happy to offer 50% discount on the replacement order. You should consider taking out shipping insurance.



If you have any problems or questions please email us at wholesale@lifecykel.com